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Many years ago, a young man and a woman bought a large block of land to build a house so they had somewhere to raise their young daughter. Over the course of about 12 months, they had built a house, settled into it, grown a garden, and decided that it would be a good idea to start a farm. They built paddocks and bought supplies and made many alterations to their everyday lives to fit everything in. Eventually they bought some animals to turn their large country property into a farm. To start off they bought four chickens, three sheep and a young dog for their young daughter.  The naive little girl called her Daisy.
Daisy was prioritised by the whole family. All the other animal looked up to Daisy and she looked down on them. They all knew that she was the boss. One summer's afternoon, as the bright sunrays cast light through the lush branches of an old oak tree, Daisy decided that she would take a nap under the light of day before it disappeared into the night. The three fluffy sheep watched as the rays of light bounced off her golden blonde fur. They despised her gorgeous looks. They wished they looked more like her, they tried everything they could to look more like her, but failed miserably each time. They looked up to her as if she was their God. The chickens on the other hand, were terrified of her. They would stay out of her way at all costs. They were afraid that she wouldn't like them, afraid of rejection.
After Daisy's nap she was feeling slightly peckish. Her owners were out and the door was locked. She would have to find food some other way. She walked over to the chicken coop, grabbed a chicken and ran off with it. They other chickens were shocked, having trouble trying to take in the fact one of their friends had just been taken away, most likely never to be seen again. The sheep were amazed at this, even a little bit startled, but it was Daisy after all, Daisy could do whatever she wanted. The sheep thought of her as a rebel, and wanted to follow in her footsteps. They all walked up to the chicken coop, secretly feeling slightly sick in the stomach. They each grabbed one of the struggling chickens and tried to run off with them. Daisy was watching in the distance, watching as a car pulled up in the driveway, watching as the man came running over to assist the defenceless chickens. The sheep were totally unaware, until they were grabbed by the scruff of the neck, and taken away. The sheep were given the punishment that Daisy deserved, that would not have happened if they had only accepted themselves for who they really were.
returnofadamspong Featured By Owner May 14, 2011
ah, about time, i did a nouns as verb interpretation, hmm, lets see, "boss", eh . and chickens grabbed by the "scruff" , hmm interesting,.. sheep adnire a "rebel" yes, sheep follow the flock,,
why would chickens make some one afraid of rejection, you are so peculiar
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